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Our Hagiography Workstation - ΟΔΥΣΣΕΑΣ ΜΠΙΦΣΑΣ - Αγιογράφος
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Οδυσσέας Μπίφσας - Αγιογράφος

Our Hagiography Workstation in USA is located since 2014, at 642 W Belden ave, 60126 - Elmhurst ILLINOIS. Our Workstation in Greece is located since 2000 at 4, Kymis in Athens. Both of them are administrated by Odisseas Bifshas from USA new Head-office. He is expertised in Orthodox Churches hagiography, hagiography maintenance and recovery services, small wooden icons hagiography, as well providing Christian supplies to Churches.


  • Our Workstation in Athens, is located since 2000 at 4 Kimis street.
  • Our Workstation in USA, is located since 2014 at 642 W Belden ave, 60126 - Elmhurst ILLINOIS.
  • +30 6977 294514 - Greece
  • 001 6304412205 - Chicago Illinois

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Our Workstation is located since 2014 at 642 W Belden ave, 60126 - Elmhurst ILLINOIS, under the instructions of Odissea Bifsha.Undertaken Hagiography churches , Hagiography portable icons , icons and murals maintenance of smoke and moisture , gold plating and churches equipment.